At Saifaiz we believe that buying a fine quality rug should be easy, transparent, and affordable.

We have taken note of a huge uptick of cheaply produced machine made rugs on the market. The good quality rugs that we have seen are over-priced by thousands of dollars. 

As a buyer typically doesn't have all of the knowledge and facts about fine quality rugs, we often see a lot of fraud in the market.  

Our family has been in the rug-making business for generations. We are truthful about the quality of all our rugs, which are hand knotted by skilled artisans in Pakistan. The rugs are sewn together using the highest calibre materials.

Our goal is to produce a rug that can last, and stay relevant for many decades. This is achieved through using high quality wool, double knotting our rugs, and producing timeless designs.

Different from retailers, we categorise our products by quality and design philosophy rather than styles. This is because we sell our goods with a wholesale mentality, pricing our products by price per square foot rather than at an individual level. 

As we are manufacturers looking to cut-out the middle man, our prices-quality cannot be beaten.