The valley of Kashmir, nestled between the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, is where our family's history of rug-making began. Due to the frigid cold of the high altitudes of the world's tallest mountain range, rugs' warmth, comfort, and plushness are considered a necessity, not a luxury in Kashmir. We brought that expertise to agrarian Punjab when company founder, Khwaja Ghulam Nabi Lone, emigrated to Lahore in the 60s. Combining his culture of handmade rugs with an extensive Punjab labour force that works seasonally harvesting the land, he set up his rug making business in Pakistan. He soon had wholesalers and retailers worldwide importing his carpets. By setting up looms in the homes of villagers where women are free to work, the company has helped provide a stimulus to rural female income.

Quality Materials

All of our rugs are made of natural and high-quality materials. We have worked with our wool suppliers for decades and can stand by its quality. The wool in our rugs are 100% pure, and we do not use blends. Due to the quality of the wool, the rug has a soft and silky feel. The wool's strength comes from its long fibers imparting its long life. We, at Saifaiz, also use quality silk to give rugs a lustrous feel and shine. Silk base rugs are when the base colour is made of dyed silk, giving a molten metal look. Silk touch rugs are highlighted with silk to provide shine and multi-dimensional depth, a Persian tradition.

No Retail Markup

In the past, international importers and retailers would mark rugs up to 10-fold, selling them in the fanciest stores in the most expensive areas of the largest cities. Now, thanks to e-commerce, we can sell our hand-crafted creations directly to you, our customers, at much lower prices. 


A Positive Experience 

We're online shoppers too! We know the worries that accompany online shopping and work to ensure that your experience is stress-free.

We've taken our photos to display a true-to-form product. We utilise reputable shipping companies that will deliver your rugs in a safe and timely fashion. Additionally, any rug you buy from us is insured in case of any damage during transit.

We produce our rugs to not just be aesthetically appealing but to add warmth and comfort.

We strive to be knowledgeable and empathic in our customer service. At the moment, we cannot facilitate returns as we operate on thin margins, and shipping a heavy textile is quite expensive. Please see our Shipping and Returns  page for more information.